News Letter 2/26/2020

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Hello First-grade families! We are reaching the end of our third quarter, only 1 more until we have second-graders in our midst! Wow!

Classroom News


Next Wednesday and Thursday we have conferences. These are student lead so students will need to come to your conference. Students will share goals for the fourth quarter and how they believe they are doing in class. Please use this link to sign up. (click on the highlighted words to open in a new window)

Half days:

We have three half days next week! All three days first grade will release at 11:05.

Wednesday: Science experiment day! If you would like to help please send in some of the following materials:

  • Aluminum Foil 10 feet
  • 20 8 oz paper cups
  • 20 paper plates
  • 40 pipe cleaners

Thursday: Grammar construction underway! Watch out as we work with grammar construction, hard hats required! We will be working with contractions, building sentences and breaking down words in this fun-filled activity.

Friday: Readathon day! Have your student bring in their favorite book, a blanket and a flashlight for a fun-filled day of reading in the dark!

  What we are learning


We are moving into large number subtraction! Can we subtraction within a 100? You know it! This week we are focusing on subtracting tens, next week we will be subtracting tens and ones.

Language Arts

Phonics: This week we will are focusing on long u words! We are practicing spelling long u with final e and long u at the end of a syllable.

Words: human, unit, fuel, music, mule, cube, huge, fumes
Bonus words: unite, amuse

Next week we will be learning about long i spelled with -ie and long long o spelled -ow.

Words: tie, pie, lie, cried, low, grow, throw, know
Bonus Words: window, dried

Writing: We are continuing to work on opinion writing! This week and next week we are focusing on starting and ending with our opinion as well as using the word because in our writing.

Reading: We will be focusing on retelling stories next week as we read. What are the most important parts of retelling a story? Let’s find out!

Have a great day,

Kelsey Donovan