News letter 2/19/2020

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Hello First-grade families! We have almost reached our conferences! Wow!


Classroom News:


We will be having student lead conferences this quarter! Students will be showing off their work and what they have learned in class to you during this time. Conferences will run on Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th of March.  If you have any concerns or questions to discuss with me please let me know ahead of time so your child has the maximum time to show you their learning. 🙂

I will be sending the link out tomorrow for your conference sign-ups.


We have a half-day next Wednesday! First graders will dismiss at 12:05. We have no lunch this day but students are welcome to bring a snack. As always, we are learning this day rather than goofing off.

March 3rd,4th, and 5th are also half-days as we complete conferences and head into spring break.

What we are learning


In math, we are finishing up adding two-digit numbers! we are reviewing the different ways to add and which method works best for each child before we hed into two-digit subtraction.

If you are interested in helping your child at home, check out these videos which go over the methods we are learning in class.

Using place value blocks:
Using an open number line:
Using expanded form: https:

Language Arts

Reading: We are going to be learning about Abraham Lincoln and Fraklin D. Roosevelt! We will be practicing answering questions about what we are reading and retelling the key details from the passages. As we move into next week we will be focusing on comparing the two passages and presidents as well.

Writing: We are working on writing our opinion! This week we are have chosen a topic we have a big emotion about to write on. Next week we will be comparing Lincoln and Roosevelt and sharing who we like best.

Phonics: We are practicing long o this week! We will be going over oa, o_e and ow words. Our phonics words will focus on comparing oa and o_e.

This week’s words: home, stove, rope, code, goat, roam, toad, coast
Bonus words: lonely, cloak


We are going to answer the question “Why are pumpkins orange?” Can’t wait to see what we come up with!

Science Experiment:  We are going to be completing an experiment in two weeks! Would you be able to help our class with supplies? Below is a list of what we need. Please email me if you are able to help and I will let you know if the supplies have already been brought in.

  • Aluminum Foil 10 feet
  • 20 8 oz paper cups
  • 20 paper plates
  • 40 pipe cleaners

Social Studies

We are learning about presidents! We will learn about what a president does as well as learn about two historical presents, Lincoln and Roosevelt.


Have a great week,

Kelsey Donovan