News letter 2/10/2020

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Hello First-grade families! We are starting week 6 of semester 2! How exciting!

Class news:

Field Trip

Our field trip is in one week! We have no school on Monday the 17th and our field trip is next Tuesday the 18th.

We will be loading the buses at 11:15 and leaving at 11:30. Students will be eating lunch beforehand. We will be arriving at the Mesa Arts center around 12:00 for bathroom breaks and to find our seats before the play starts at 12:30. After the play, students will be exploring the outside of Mesa Arts center and taking a tour backstage. We will be arriving back to school at 3:00.

Please remember students will need a sack lunch this day as we will not be returning to the classroom after we eat.

Parent Volunteers

Please arrive at 11:00 for check-in and to receive your group names. 😊

Valentine’s Day

This Friday is valentine’s day and Arizona’s statehood day! Ask your first graders what they are learning about Arizona this week! We will be running rotations around Valentine’s and Arizona in the afternoon of the 14th.

Students are welcome to bring in Valentine Friendship cards for their classmates. Please see the previous email for names sent last week.

President’s day

We have no school this coming Monday! In class next week we will be learning about what is a President and two historical presidents.

Half Day

February 26 is a half-day! First grade will be out at drive lane at 11:05.

This week in class


We are finishing up our unit on adding two-digit numbers! How exciting! We are also getting better at understanding word problems. Ask your first grader about their favorite way to solve big number addition.


Long Vowels are at it again! This week we’re focusing on reading long i and spelling i_e and well as y says i words.

phonics words: fine, time, mice, quite, dry, fly, shy, by
Bonus words: tired, crying

Social Studies

It’s Arizona week! We will be learning all about our wonderful state, including the five Cs and our state symbols. We will also be talking about important figures in Arizona’s government.


We will be talking about baby animals this week! From last week we already know the baby’s look like their family members. This week we will be focusing on why they are so cute!

Have a great evening,

Kelsey Donovan