News Letter 12/4/2019

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Hello First-grade families! We are reaching the end of semester one and I am so very impressed with my students! We are working hard to learn long vowels and understanding numbers from 0-120.


Music concert

Next week is the elementary music concert! Grades first through fourth have been working hard to bring you a wonderful show! Please read the following from Mr. Winters our music teacher:


Elementary Music Concert (Grades K-4): The Elementary classes of San Tan Charter School will be putting on a concert for the San Tan Charter School Community on December 10th at 5:30pm on the Recker football field. All students will need to be in the Recker gym at 5pm, so that each classroom teacher has time to place the kiddos in a certain order. Also, please have your kiddo wear something warm because after the sun sets, it will become quite chilly out on the field. Please join us as we warm up the jukebox for “Jingle Bell Jukebox…The Flip Side!” and enjoy the antics of the show’s cast, as well as the show’s singers. We have worked hard on the music and are excited to perform the show for the San Tan community.

Paint Day!

We are painting on Friday! Our wonderful Art Masterpiece volunteer is finishing our 2 part art project this Friday and will be using paint. Our students have already made fish from clay and will then add color Friday. Please have your child wear paint-safe clothes.

Coming up

Language Arts:

Reading: We are working hard to learn the most common types of long vowels combination before break! This week we are working on long a with ai, ay and long i with igh, ie and y. We will be learning long o with oa, ow and long o with ew, oo, ue and u over the next two and a half weeks.

Writing: We are almost finished with our informative writing unit! Currently, our first graders know how to pick a topic, writing five things on the topic and use text features (such as labels, captions, close-ups and more!) As we wrap this unit up we will be talking about having a main topic, subtopics and making a table of contents.


Number sense: We are working on both counting up and down to 120. As we practice our counting we will also be learning place value through base ten block and expanded form.

Fluency: First graders need to have their addition and subtraction facts memorized within 10 by the end of second grade. We are working on this in class by playing games, using flashcards and writing on wipe away practice sheets.



Animal kingdoms: We are learning about the fish animal kingdom right now! We will be learning about what makes a fish a fish and doing a few activities and crafts to help us learn!


Have a great evening first grade,

Kelsey Donovan