News Letter 1/13/2020

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Hello First-grade families! We are in week two of semester two! Wow!


Please use this link if you have lost your homework.

January Homework Calendar

Addition Worksheet

Place Value Worksheet

Subtraction Worksheet


Our school spelling be is this Friday morning! If you are interested in attending please let me know. 🙂

Our field trip to Meas Arts Center is in one month! On Tuesday, February 18th we will be attending a play in the afternoon. We will be eating at school before getting on the bus. Please pack an easy to eat snack for your child to eat after the play before we get back on the bus.

Arizona’s Statehood Day! We will be having a fun-filled afternoon on February 14th! We will have activities for Arizona’s statehood day and to learn about friendship. Keep an eye out for more information to come!

This Week:

Math: We are finishing up our numbers within 120 this week! We will also be reviewing missing addends and learning about the properties of addition.

Reading: This week our students will be learning about the vowel diagraphs aw and au says /aw/. We are also going to be focusing on the main idea and finding evidence in our reading passages. We have a spelling test coming home this week! Please note each child has been graded according to what he or she is working on for spelling skills. If you have any questions on why I graded your child as I did please send me an email.

This week’s Phonics words: drawn, lawn, fault, auto, saw, pause, awful, because, applaud, straw

This week’s vocabulary: prefix un- , boycott, peace, Martin Luther King Jr., equality, civil rights, speech

Writing: As we learn about informative writing we will be writing about Martin Luther King Jr. We will be working on reading about his achievements and then turning what we read into a writing piece.

Grammar: As we work on our writing we will be focusing on sentence structure and learning about pronouns.

Have a great day,

Kelsey Donovan