Kelsey Donovan

Kelsey Donovan

1st Grade Teacher

My Bio

Hello! My name is Kelsey Donovan and I love teaching. Many of you may know me as Kelsey Long, but I have recently changed my name to match my new husband’s. Rest assured, I am still the same teacher who loves math and teaching children to take on their challenges.

I am a born and raised Arizona Native. I grew up in Mesa and then completed my Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Arizona State and My Masters in Educational Psychology at Argosy University. I have always loved helping others. Through being a teacher I have found a career I love in helping our future grow into strong capable individuals.

This will be my 4th year at San Tan Charter school and my 3rd in first grade. I am so very excited to be working with first grade! I love helping children as they continue to take their first steps in education. Being a part of a child’s life and helping them grow into happy and positive adults fills my heart with joy. I cannot wait to see where this next year takes me.


Birthday: November 6th

These are A Few Of My Favorite Things…..

Color(s): Yellow and Orange
Flower(s): Wild Flowers
Healthy Snack(s):  Fruit
“Junk Food” Treat(s): Brownies and Salt and Vinegar Chips
Drink(s): Tea
Scent(s)/Essential Oil(s): Lavender
Game(s): Card games
Sit-Down Restaurant(s): Olive Garden and Nando’s
Fast Food Restaurant(s): Panda and Taco Bell
Place(s) to Receive a Gift Card: Target, Amazon and Boarders
Most used school/office supply: Any colorful pens
What I would really like is: Amazon Gift card
Heroes: The Flash, Spider-Man
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking and Camping, Arts and Crafts